Company history

  • 2019
    Foundation of the sales companies BBR rail automation Swiss AG and BBR rail automation (US) Inc.; another big order for electronic interlockings in Bursa/Turkey
  • 2017
    27 years since its foundation the three holders Arne Baudis, Thomas Bergmann and Frank-Michael Rösch hand over the company to the new managing director Christoph Bretschneider.
  • 2014
    Foundation of the sales company BBR rail automation GmbH at Bruswick; Foundation of the affiliate sales company BBR rail automation Philippines Inc; Construction of the fourth building section “Technikum” at Brunswick.
  • 2013
    BBR achieves DIN ISO 14001 certification.
  • 2012
    System supplier (interlocking SIL.VIA with 49 points and 70 signals) for of one of the largest European port projects in Wilhelmshaven; Second contract from the City of Bursa, Turkey: automatic train control system PZB 222.
  • 2011
    Electronic interlocking unit (ESTW) Ruchfeld for the entrance and exit tracks of the tram depot and level crossings in Basel, Switzerland; Interlocking system for the extension of LRT Line 1 in Manila with 5 stations over 5 km, closing the gap to MRT line 3; Implementing a total of 4 interlocking units to safeguard and monitor a double-track line with 45 signals and punctual Automatic Train Protection systems in Manila, Philippines.
  • 2010
    Depot interlocking unit and signalling installation Schweriner Straße in Essen.
  • 2009
    First Asia contract awards: City of Bursa, Turkey orders Interlocking, Depot Control and Onboard Signalling Systems.
  • 2008
    BBR implements first EOW system for DB AG. First Onboard Signalling Systems for Manchester, UK, and Bergen, Norway.
  • 2007
    BBR achieves IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) Quality Management Certification.
  • 2006
    Moving in the 3rd new factory building; Construction of a shunting yard interlocking unit in Luxembourg.
  • 2005
    Development of an SIL4-compliant interlocking system BBR interlocking system SIL.VIA is type approved. Development of a multi-functional operational control centre with a standard interface.
  • 2004
    Use of signalling systems on tunnel tracks. BBR expands production facilities with a third, state-of-the-art building complex.
  • 2003
    Q1-certified by DB AG.
  • 2002
    Development of EBO-compliant signalling systems with AK6-compliant interlocking functionality for secondary lines; MOFIS 2000 system is ready to launch, first implementation in Cologne.
  • 2001
    BBR achieves DIN ISO 9001:2000 certification; Development of MOFIS central module software for LINUX.
  • 1998
    BBR builds and occupies additional premises for production and administration on the neighbouring property.
  • 1997
    Development starts on the first IMU100 and AK6 products.
  • 1996
    First BBR-built depot completed.
  • 1995
    BBR is awarded first international contract.
  • 1994
    Use of newly developed EOW (decentralised electric points) technology.
  • 1993
    BBR builds first depot in Cologne in collaboration with SEL ALCATE.
  • 1992
    Because of rapid company growth, new premises are built in Pillaustrasse.
  • 1991
    First signalling and interlocking system built, development of marketable single point control system EWS-200.
  • 1990
    Company founded by Arne Baudis, Thomas Bergmann and Frank-Michael Rösch, today's managing directors. Main areas of activity: development of bespoke passenger information systems (MOFIS) and signal transmission systems (IMU91).